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Clients use Career Initiatives because we communicate effectively, only submitting candidates who meet or surpass their standards. Clients appreciate our efficiency and ability to tailor searches and find qualified attorneys for all areas of practice and experience levels. Candidates use Career Initiatives because we take the time to get to know them so that we can best identify the right employment fit. Candidates trust that we never place a potential commission before their personal objectives. Most importantly, we get results.
“It was a pleasure working with you Jim. This was the best search I have conducted in 25 years of hiring attorneys. The search was focused, on point and the caliber of candidates presented impeccable. You took the time at the start to drill down on what I was looking for and produced each of the multiple candidates with dead on point skills and background. You made my job and the search easy and quick, the fastest I have ever hired someone. The difficult part was selecting just one candidate! Thank you.”
PY, Chief Business & Legal Officer (Corporation)
“Jim is one of the most credible and honest recruiters I have ever worked with. He was able to give me all of the information I needed about the Company and the people with whom I was meeting. He even knew the Company's outside counsel and was able to prepare me to speak with everyone I needed to. He had answers to my questions almost immediately, due to his access to the GC and HR. He is very pleasant and put me at ease throughout the entire interview process.”
IA, Associate General Counsel and Director, Legal (Corporation)
“Jim is an exceptional legal recruiter who has been a real find for our organization. After being referred highly by one of our attorneys, Jim was successful in filling three hard to find ‘niche practice’ positions within a relatively short period of time. He truly has formed a partnership with us in this process, which from its inception through hire, has been flawless. He clearly does his due diligence and knows our company, he is extremely ethical with no hint of a hidden agenda, he gets to know his candidates on a personal level, and the quality of his candidates is impeccable. It got to the point where we were excited to see a submission from Jim just because it came from him. Jim will be the first person I call when we are looking in the future.”
KLP, Senior Staffing Professional (Corporation)
“I had a very good experience working with Jim as my recruiter after he was highly referred to me by a friend. He got to know me as a person and really seemed to care about me as an individual and not just a potential commission. He didn't waste my time as some other recruiters seem to have a tendency to do—he submitted me for two in-house positions, I received two interviews, and I obtained the position I now very happily fill.”
JC, Associate Senior Counsel (Corporation)
“Our firm recently hired an associate attorney brought to our attention by Career Initiatives Recruiter Dennis Schmieder. Although we were not actively soliciting applications for the position eventually filled by Dennis, the professionalism of his initial contact and the thoughtful approach to the subsequent candidate introduction captured our attention and led to further discussions. We ultimately determined that the candidate was a perfect fit for our firm and extended an offer. During the interviewing and decision-making process, Dennis was the consummate facilitator, efficiently responsive to all of our questions and needs. In a market where law firm recruiting professionals are inundated with the resumes of generic candidates who do not meet the listed specifications of advertised positions, much less unadvertised positions, the considered approach utilized by Dennis to understand our potential hiring needs and to introduce a candidate who perfectly filled those needs was a welcome change. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Dennis and Career Initiatives again in the future.”
PW, Recruiting Director (Law Firm)
"I was contacted 'cold' by Mike Lynch at Career Initiatives, and although I was not actively looking and was somewhat skeptical about recruiters, we spoke about different opportunities, and I liked Mike and decided to meet with him and Jim Jacobus. At our meeting, Mike and Jim took the time to get to know me, my personality and my needs. I had my doubts at first, but found Mike and Jim to be incredible resources who knew far more about that firms then I did and seemed genuinely only interested in finding a position that was a good fit. I am happy to say that after interviewing with several firms, I accepted an offer and could not be happier with the work and environment, which is just as Mike and Jim thought it would be. I enjoy going to work every day. Thank you for your help, for your concern and for putting my needs first. I truly appreciate it and would recommend Mike and Jim at Career Initiatives to anyone looking to make a move!"
TL, Associate (Law Firm)
“How much better my job would be if all headhunters I deal with were just like Jim… [H]e truly is a stellar example of what a headhunter could and should be. He is always professional and always mindful of the pressures I face as a firm recruiter on a daily basis. . . . Jim is the perfect balance between aggressively servicing the needs of the client with the needs of his candidates. Jim is the first person I call when ever a new need arises and I can be confident that he is actively searching for the most ideal candidate and marketing my firm in a positive but candied manner. Jim particularly excels at the difficult, hard to find candidate searches.”
AA, Recruiting Coordinator (Law Firm)
“Jim’s extensive knowledge of the New Jersey legal job market was an incredible asset in my job search. He efficiently and effectively leveraged my skill set and marketed me. Additionally, Jim’s cordial nature helped ease my transition from firm to firm. I am extremely happy in my new position.”
SH, Associate (Law Firm)
“I have worked with a number of recruiters in my capacity as hiring partner. Jim Jacobus is, by a fairly wide margin, the best of the bunch. He has a very agreeable approach, and is always in tune with my firm’s needs. He seems to genuinely care both about our needs and the needs of the candidates he presents to us. He effectively pre-screens candidates and does not over-submit like so many other recruiters. He does an effective, efficient, excellent job.”
PT, Hiring Partner (Law Firm)
“My experience with Career Initiatives was a very positive one. They were very well informed about both the position and the work environment. Since I have accepted the position, I can say that their information was completely accurate. Jim was very nice, very patient and, even though it took me several months to decide if making a move was right for me, he never pressured me to make that decision. Career Initiatives made the whole process painless and successful.”
JS, Associate (Law Firm)
“Cold calls from recruiters are not often welcomed, but there was something about Dennis Schmieder's initial call that proved me wrong. Dennis took the time to meet with me to learn about our firm's culture. I look forward to turning to him for our firm's future needs.”
JS, Legal Recruiting Coordinator (Law Firm)
“Based on my interaction with him, I’d say Jim was responsive and made sure the ’fit’ was right. I didn’t hear the sound of a cash register whenever I spoke to Jim. Great follow up, even after I accepted the job. Would recommend to family and friends and I have. Jim is a good guy!”
MS, Associate (Law Firm)
“Jim Jacobus is everything we look for in a recruiter . . . . Many recruiters simply bombard us with resumes of whatever candidates they find in the hope that one or two will stick. Not so with Jim—he gathers all the information he can about the needs of the group with whom the candidate will be working, and similarly makes sure the candidates he submits have the required skills and experience.”
SC, Recruiter (Law Firm)
“Jim applied his knowledge of the marketplace and sincere dedication to find the right match for me. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to broaden their career.”
RA, Associate (Law Firm)
“Jim Jacobus has placed two associates with our group, most recently as an owner of Career Initiatives. He has invested a great deal of effort in thoroughly understanding our firm, our practice and our particular professional needs. As a result, he brings strong candidates to us and is very effective in advocating the position with the candidates that we like. The process is efficient and painless. He develops good search strategies and works hard at fostering a very comfortable, collaborative approach with us.”
RN, Partner, Practice Group Leader (AMLAW 100 Law Firm)
“Jim Jacobus did a great job placing me in an ideal position. The fact that he really knew the attorneys with whom he was placing me gave me confidence throughout the process that it would be a good match.”
AW, Associate (Law Firm)
“I highly recommend Jim Jacobus and his company Career Initiatives. As a hiring partner, Jim is one of those recruiters that actually helps make my job easier- he does an excellent job of pre-screening candidates so that his candidate pool is high-quality and directly responsive to my firm's needs; he follows up in a timely fashion, but is not pushy, and is always responsive and accessible; and he seems to genuinely care to find a proper fit between our firm and his candidates rather than focusing on his own bottom line.”
Hiring Partner (Major NJ Law Firm)
“I responded to a 'cold' e-mail from Career Initiatives after deciding to make a lateral move, and I am so grateful that I did. Dennis Schmieder orchestrated an astonishingly successful job hunt in the Wilmington, Delaware market, one that resulted in multiple competitive offers. Dennis proved to be a skilled writer and a gifted recruiter. More importantly, however, Dennis is a truly kind soul and a good human being, one that I unquestionably trust to help me choose a job best suited for me and my young family. I would highly recommend Dennis to any of my colleagues.”
KM, Associate (Law Firm)
“Jim is a great legal recruiter and a very easy and pleasant person to deal with. He is extremely genuine and knows the law very well. We have worked on many successful placements together and the process is the same every time. He will only contact you when he has the best or close to the best candidate for your open position, he is always reachable when we need to communicate or schedule someone and he is very good at helping us get the deal done once we’ve made an offer. He also is someone that I feel completely comfortable in providing access to our partners to talk about their own preferences.”
TH, Recruiting Specialist (AMLAW 100 Law Firm)
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